Bristol wedding photographer – Matt Gutteridge

I would love to photograph your wedding

My approach to wedding photography is simple, I want to use images to tell the story of your wedding day. Wedding photography is all about moments, emotion, fun, tears and laughter. My vision is to capture as much of that as possible without being in the way! I’m not trying to capture poses, I want to capture moments. I do my best to blend in like a guest and my desire to be unobtrusive is even reflected in the camera equipment I use. I really love the fun and the celebration that weddings bring out in people, which is why being a wedding photographer is for me the best job in the world.

What it’s all about

Photography for me is all about feeling something. Images are supposed to evoke an emotion, help you remember moments, relive experiences. Being a wedding photographer is about being close to the moments and detail that make each wedding day unique.

My approach to Wedding Photography in about 2 minutes

This short video will give you a visual introduction to my style of wedding photography.

“Capturing moments, not poses”

Unobtrusive Photography

I like to be as discreet as possible and capture the day from as a guest, looking out for the detail, capturing moments not poses and enjoying the whole experience. I won’t force people to pose or impose myself in any way, you can be sure of a honestly documented day.